Hi, I am Christian


I am a photographer, based in Berlin and around the world.

Why do I take photos? For me, the answer is simple. I just love creating something, which is unique and never can be redone that way again. It’s a pleasure to see, how people love their pictures and keep them in their memories. This is, what keeps me and my photography alive.


My approach is, to always focus on the people I am working with and the idea behind a story, creating an authentic atmosphere in my photos. I like to work with a minimalistic gear, available light and soft artificial light, as well as discovering exciting places.

Some years ago, I started my photography career with capturing weddings, and now focus to people, corporate and campaign photography.

Selected clients I worked with:

People || Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann | Tino Führer | Ben Ivory | Fiene Scharp

Companies and Agencies || Coya AG | garden olson gmbh | KPMG Global Mobility Services | MBition GmbH Mercedes Benz Innovation Lab | PayPal | Universität Potsdam International Office